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My final cry for understandment will finish later

  • Thanks to the people on here that added me on friends back again and understood my story, you're the very select few that understand me. Thanks for not treating me like I'm some villain on websites. You may think that your ad means nothing to me but the thing is I get validation that you don't see me as a villain here. I already explained in comments about how I was trying to fish out the admins or the owner to come out using fish and bait. So I will not talk about that saga again. But for people to still hold on a deep grudge that happened like what? A year and a half ago? Are still lingering on that the users here see me as some villain? When the whole idea wasn't them to begin with? I never had a target or anyone with harassment strings. I see now who the true villain is. Trying to make friends on websites like these. Thinking there is some acceptance for being different or unusual and there isn't all GW was toxicity a place were people bullied, harassed and tormented users with a troubled life. Just like people making fun of Autism people and people think having Autism is hilarious no this neuro condition isn't. I'm sure your eyes would open up to reality if you had someone in your life that was Autism and change your mind that having Autism is hilarious. Everyone on GW is obsessed with memes. But back on topic I shared my horrific life story about an online horror story gone wrong. What do I get for uploading content like that? You're fake. Nice try. You're lying. You're making this up. None of this is true. Everything is fake. You're a liar and manipulative get people to like you. You photoshopped the 911 article. Which was funny as Hell you guys and on other websites like Gone Gothic and Alt Scene think that I photoshopped that when I took the snapshot from my phone from the news article to scratch my mom's name out and my son. Have some respect. Also the article has the last name of my family as well. But there was a damn ''LINK'' on the search bar of the screen shot. Also people really think I photoshopped this image....nah....I photoshopped the image to the article and typed everything out to make things look like a article do you guys know you're the one that sounds fucking crazy? Who the fuck would go that far to gain fame and attention and friends and over a MURDER? Use common logic! No this is what my ex looked like at the day of the murder. I don't know how the police got a photo of him as I ran to my neighbors house from across the street from where I lived at and all I saw was a black swat team car out there from the window ledge. But yes this is what my ex looked like on acid/shrooms. People will one day tell me that I will move on from what happened in 2017. No I won't. My mother died because of me. My son saw a horrifying murder of his grandma. I saw my mother's blood smeared on the wall. My dad's wife of 30 something years is gone. All because I logged onto POF when I was 20 and decided to go on their meet and greets and stuff like that. If I never went on POF. My mother would be alive today. My son wouldn't have to go to therapy for four years. I wouldn't be so traumatized. Have to deal with a car crash and sexual and physical abuse. Tell me. Someone that went through that will live a life with no regrets and move on? No damage is done. I'm 100 percent psychological damaged that is unrepairable nothing will ever make me feel better unless I can 100 percent erase this from my mind. You just not going to be okay after something like this no matter how many years flash before your very eyes themselves.

    There is one thing I didn't clarify on the car accident my ex made me get into. So someone pissed him off on the road and cut him off. So what happened was he told me he was going to throw his amp pedal board the small ones like the single one not like rectangular one and throw that outside of the window. So what happened was he speed up to catch to the person as them two were going at each other so as he slammed his foot on the gas pedal violently the gas pedal break stopped working and the car wouldn't stop. So there wasn't anymore breaks. So we slammed into another car. In fear of being killed by my ex I said I don't need to go to the doctors even though I was very badly bruised the next day. I know people think I'm being dramatic that he pointed a gun at his mother no that was true him and his mom argued over something and he pulled out his gun. Also you may think how did he destroyed his mom's house over a rampage that seems dramatic. No what happened was his band mates messaged him something on FB about something about the band and was very negative so he took something in his mother's house and threw that against the wall. Shattered the mirror in the hall way. Then he took something else and put a gigantic hole in his mother's house wall that's when he found a plank and started waking me this is the term for rampage he went ballistic and wasn't in reality I started screaming my head is bleeding stop!!!! I had to say this a few times to get him aware and back into reality. Somehow he reverted back to normal and he looked at my head and was like omg....omg....omg....omg....I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do this to you! So he put some liquid bandage on my head. This is what the strange part about my ex I don't get he would go into rampage and ballistic mode when someone set him off then all of a sudden he calms down and acts like a normal person?  To clarify this more his Mom worked as a caregiver at Alvin, Texas so she wasn't home most of the time but would stay for a few days. I didn't tell his mom about what was going on because he would probably kill me.

    Did he randomly show up at your parents house? Yes read comments on my profile page. He randomly showed up at my parents house he found out on FB that I blocked him and I didn't want to be in a physical and sexual relationship and he won't get the help he needs then that same week he randomly showed up at my parents house and he was waiting for my dad to leave the house. I also just recently read some articles some new ones I found just by typing my ex name that my mother was fatally gun shot wounded one said she was shot to death. But if people really want to have proof and evidence that my ex really murdered my mom and the police shot him down look up joseph william alain

    From the article and there is a few out there one states and this is why the officers had to shoot down my ex.

    Officers could hear a disturbance inside the residence. Entry was made into the residence and a 24 year old female escaped the grasp of a male suspect and she fled outside past Officers. The male suspect was later identified as Joseph William Alain, 25, of Bellaire, Texas. Officers attempted to detain Alain, who failed to cooperate and fled deeper into the residence. Mr. Alain brandished a firearm as Officers pursued forcing a 13 year veteran of the department to discharge his sidearm. Mr. Alain was fatally wounded.