Two Souls, Not One

  • Once again, this bloody urge
    A perfect compliment
    To all your lovely words.

    Times unfold as,
    You take me away
    To places known
    Only by you and I.

    Please the mind, please the soul
    But still you find,
    An abscence in the
    Heartless sign made by
    These lives of mine.

    So why?
    Why love,
    A Hollowness.

    Beautiful as my dreams depict,
    This first kiss
    I share with you.

    Love, can't you cry,

    Shed your tears
    On my empty life.

    For me, for you

    Please lay down
    This hollow life
    That I cannot.

    In a pool of

    Meant for two souls,
    Not one.

    - Blake Crowe


    © Copyright by Blake Crowe 2013