Yes, My Love

  • In this Betreaded body
    Doubt controls limbs, no longer mine
    And as I commit last breaths to sight of her
    I vanquish mine eyes
    For last sights hold dreaded truth within.

    Why my beauty, dost thou harm my heart?
    Why my love, dost your dagger tread my chest?

    Why didn't your hand tear mine heart?
    Why didn't your hand caress my breast?

    I ne'er meant offence, my dear
    My love dost not admit lust,
    I ne'er meant harm to you.

    Your eyes betray your lies
    My heart can hear where your desire hides
    Please pray tell, why dost your mind decieve your heart.

    Please my love, ask not my mind for it knows naught.
    Ask instead my heart.

    Tis a question of thought,
    Not of feeling.

    Yes my love.
    May I make request of your heart?
    Please my dear take mine eyes,
    Before my life.

    - Blake Crowe

    © Copyright by Blake Crowe 2013 








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