Humanity is lost 2019.

  • Simple facts about why I lost faith in Humanity in 2019. Where do I actually start, Well it could be that Humanity is very contradicting of themselves and wanting this and wanting that but are actually too weak do stand up and fight it. Letting social media and all the rights and legalisation of websites do it for them. This also is an automatic inclusion of myself in this. As I can see to be contradicting to the whole statement.

    End of the day, You all shout and scream for a right to be heard, A right to be seen and a demand to a change in the world.
    But yet, soon as someone as the balls and guts to stand up and say what they actually want to, it reported and screamed about all over the place.

    The basics within Humanity has been shot down simply by the ones who demand changes and who want to change the world for the better.

    You actually, have no idea that you scream and whine about little things that you want to change, but you are ruining and ripping away basic humanity rights.

    We all have a voice and even social media sites, Like FaceBook has changed their rules and legalisation to Satisfied all of you who are actually nothing but weaklings and pussies. End of the day, I live by the basic's of humanity because I have.. 
    *A Mind.
    *A Voice.
    *A Option.
    *A View.
    *A right to say what every I want too.

    I am not going to Co-insist with all the weaklings out there and change the way I was brought up and the basics of humanity to satisfied a generation that cannot handle shit and are very contradicting of themselves.

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