No Balance

  • We have eaten torment as breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1000 days on the table of anguish; Whilst the wicked and those who deal unjustly with others whom we would deal compassionately with get treated to the fattening of the land to their own gluttonous discretion. What we touch has turned to dust. They have inherited midas. All the comfort we find in a dolorous life comes once every twelve hours after the sun. It is night when it is day and day and night when it is night. At this night ,the beacon of the werewolf is also the awakening of the slave who labors for the wife who has already moved on to another one. The warmth of that fire globe is what strengthens us in the Gloom of night as the face of night.


    Our inheritance is empty hands, while yours is what you have desired. But as we who have inherited and given birth to dust our only companion; pain has given us the premonition and infinite foresight and wisdom that your glee will turn to forlorn to our pleasure. Ye who smile and are merry will drink the blood of your shallowness and will be sewn shut from eye to rectum with the flesh that cause us Woe for a lifetime. Drop dead.