• Heh...

    Because of my Headbanger's Neck:

    I actually often switch-up from a 20" length of sanded/painted 2×6 "pillow" to a perpetually-shapechanging "golf ball pillow" (GREAT for prolonged Neck Traction/upper back concaving/hamstring and calf compression, I have noticed. A brand new bag of 48 balls in a pillowcase. Oh, yeah, I got Balls Galore, heh) to a "tennis ball pillow" (same concept, brand new bag also; placed in a pillowcase) to even Broomsticks, Pipes, a singular isolating Baseball/Tennisball, Rolling Pins (different sizes), and even The 4×4 Wooden Armrests on the sofa.


    I also bought me a longass steel Phillips Screwdriver for f-i-n-e-r Concentrated Neck Pressure (PLEASE be *sooooo* very careful with that! BABY STEPS!)

    A Walking Cane is certainly one of the BEST. That hook is like a merciless thumb on the neck, back, wherever.

    Yeah. I require CRAZY HARD PRESSURE, heh.....



    "If you'll allow it, even a bird can teach you something." -proverb