"My Weirdest Dream?"

  • Heh...I raaaaarely ever recall my dreams nowadays.

    Usually maybe only sexual ones. That's rare too, ha. Usually only with A Certain Seeeeexy Woman I once knew and who I miss SOOOOO MUCH.



    Oh, well.

    Anyway, I actually once recalled A VERY DISTURBING NIGHTMARE (disturbing for ME, anyway) in which I was actually A FUCKING FIREFIGHTER, heh.

    Newbie at a firehouse, I was.


    Well, after I was introduced to the others, we were all busy doing stuff in-between Fire Calls, and little by little, increasingly I kept noticing that MY TOOLS KEPT DISAPPEARING NONSTOP; little by little, but increasingly.

    Ohhhhh, fuuuuuck.

    I was slowly but suuuuurely going insane by the minutes.

    Ohhhhh, maaaaan.


    I finally woke-up and my heart was beating so hard. Disturbing shit.