"Kool Kwotes And Proverbs....."

  • + "Only Boring People Get Bored." -RENEGADEDRUMASHEEN

    + "Yesterday, We Were All Younger." Dr. Elton B. McNeil

    + "Those Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It." -proverb

    + "Do Not Write Much To One Who Only Replies Very Little." -proverb

    + "Everybody Is Ignorant, Only On Different Subjects." -Will Rogers

    + "The Smarter You Get, The More Ignorant You Realize You Truly Are." -proverb

    + "To Be A Man Is, Precisely, To Be Responsible." -Antoine de Saint Exupery

    + "The Worst Kind Of Blind Person Is The Kind That Does Not Wish To See." -proverb

    + "It Is Difficult To Free Fools From The Chains They Revere." -Voltaire

    + "If You'll Allow It, Even A Bird Can Teach You Something." -proverb

    + "The Ability To Quote Is A Serviceable Substitute For Wit." -W. Somerset Maugham

    + "You Can't Please Everyone." -proverb

    + "There are a million billion things in the universe within your control that you can certainly do something about and a million billion things in the universe beyond your control that you cannot do anything about at all (for now, maybe). Focus on the things that you indeed can do." -some quote I once read elsewhere

    + "Sometimes, It Is Very Hard For A Parent To Admit When They Are Wrong." -Shari Clemmons

    + "Very often, The Worst Workers seem to rise On The Backs Of Others." -a quote I once read elsewhere

    + "There Will Always Be Some People Who Will Always Work Harder Than Others." -proverb

    + "Never Lend Your Friend Your Money Because If You Do, Then That's The End Of Your Friend And The Money." -proverb