"Halloween 2019....."

  • I didn't feel like going anywhere for Halloween this time around.

    Pretty much for the past few Halloweens, actually.

    Done so much Partying, Clubbing, Assing-Out, etc. over the years enough already, I guess.

    Truthfully, I seem to *hate* The Fucking Cold more and more every year, but then again, I *am* one of those Fucking Hot Texas Devils, heh...

    It's usually Hot down here for most of the year. I've evolved thusly. I dont even use Aircon for many years now by-choice for Adaptation's sake.

    Nah, just enjoying Autumn's Timelessly-Beautiful Colours And Breezes is Halloweengasmic enough for Me.

    For now, anyway.

    Maybe next year I'll go Somewhere...

    I finally got back around to plugging-in My PowerTools and tackling so many Woodwork Projects that I been meaning to get to.

    So many other Tasks to knock-out tooooooo.....


    P.S. It's Halloween Every Day For Me For Years Anyway. Ha.