"Well, I Voted Earlier Today At 8 a.m."

  • Civic Duty. Among Many Other Duties.


    But GAWWWWWDAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN.....in all these years, I had NEVER seen such a long line to Vote at the library! Hell, even The Local News reported Such Longass Lines At Other Locations Here all week.


    Quite The Voter Turn-Out This Year.

    I was actually reading "TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH" by Mary Trump while waiting In Line. Some apparently religious christian woman asked me if I was reading "my bible".

    Ha. I saith "No."

    Imagine if I told/showed her My Satanic Bible that I actually *did* have with me in My Organizer.


    P.S. #VoteForBidenHarris2020.


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