A Lover's Way

  • He seems to take for granted
    A woman who changes
    A world that becomes new to her
    He favours a love that's repetitive
    That love that is, that is supposed to be
    A love that was
    And not an is to be
    She still loves him so
    But emotionally,
    He still leaves her for another
    A warrior's woman does not want to be shared
    With a shame that comes from being loved and not being the same
    To be shared like an object
    For I am not many in one
    But one among many
    And also one among two
    And that was our two
    Not for you to take
    But I am a woman's warrior
    And I will stand against the light
    It takes an army of women to hold me back
    The same army that brings me pleasure
    And makes me go on
    Makes me go
    To all the places I bring darkness
    So I'll find my war
    Not kneel on the floor
    She's not here to be pushed to extremes
    To fulfill your dreams
    Your jealousy is natural
    Useful and righteous
    But it is not her
    These feelings don't come from her
    And love isn't with you in days apart
    She wanted it, so bad
    To be there
    For you
    For her
    But your desires caused a guard at the gate
    Causing fate to make a liar out of her
    By Linda R. Alvarez