Question time

  • **Disclaimer: Questions were originally posted by DevilsFood**

    • If you go away...I'll hold the door open for you and lock it when you leave
      I don't understand...why someone loves math lol, jk. Definitely there are numerous things I don't understand/don't know
      I love it when...I feel the pleasurable my EARBUDS (naughty, naughty lol ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)  ) when I listen to some awesome music └|∵┌||┐∵|┘
      My ex is...petty, immature fish lips with legs. He looks like Usopp from One Piece 
      When I woke up today...I tried to go back to sleep
      I get annoyed when...people activate their incurable disease called STUPIDITY 
      If I won the lottery...donate to helping animals; end the dairy, meat, and poultry industry and put better things in place; donate to people in need all over the world; take my bf and go to Japan
      My first kiss was...unfortunately with the ex previously mentioned. It was great at first, but as the relationship progressed, he wanted to makeout in public and I was definitely not into that
      My last kiss was...4 days ago ✿♥‿♥✿
      People would say I am...mature (why, I have no idea but that's what people have told me), guarded
      When it comes to religion...I'm open to learning about the different kinds and the psychology involved
      Sometimes I wish...I lived in Japan
      Have You Ever:
      Been handcuffed: Ummm, by toy handcuffs when I was a child. Seriously handcuffed, no
      Threw up on someone else: when I was a baby
      Ran into a relative when buying a 'personal' item: no? ●.◉
      Been to a 'adult' store: No. I'm not really interested in those kinds of stores
      Given someone a hickey: nah
      Found a four leaf clover: yup, a ton!
      Started and quit a job all in the same day: no
      Lit something on fire just to see it burn: yes
      Been called a flirt: heck no lol
      Been called a redneck: nope
      Been called emo: nope
      Been to New York City: no
      Chicago: no
      Los Angeles: no
      Dallas: no
      Miami: no
      Nashville: no
      St.Louis: no
      Seattle: no
      Lived with someone of the opposite sex: no
      Driven stick-shift: no, but I know some people who have
      Snuck out: no
      Given a stranger your phone number because they were hott: no
      Ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere: no, but I know people who have and it was quite the story
      Played strip poker: no, not interested
      Played screw the dealer: no, not interested
      Played spin the bottle: no, not interested
      Introduced yourself by a name not your own: no
      Exposed your feelings to someone and been rejected: yup
      Broke someone's heart: Romantically, no, not that I'm aware of. Non-romantically, yes (got a lot of regret)
      Various Questions
      Are you taller than your mom? No
      What was the last article of clothing you bought? A pink Care Bear shirt (ᗒᗨᗕ)
      Have you been to the movies in the last week? Yup. Saw Toy Story 4
      When was your last kiss? 4 days ago
      When will your next kiss be? Oof, I have no idea. Probably next year (◕︿◕✿)
      Do you know anyone who is bisexual? Yes
      How many windows are in the room you're in? 1
      When did you last ride in an elevator? 4 days ago
      When did you last ride on a plane? When I was a baby
      How long was your last phone call? Ummm, an hour
      Were you born in the 1980's? Maybe, Idk
      What does your dad do for a living? Idk
      Have you ever been blackout drunk? Nope and don't plan to
      Do you know any skateboarders? No
      Do you let people smoke in your car? Heck NO
      What do you feel like doing right now? Watching Samurai Gourmet on Netflix

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