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  • Peter, Joebear, and I Ended Up In China

    Posted Tue at 2:57 PM by PersephoneZekk


    Peter, Joebear, and I Ended Up In China I awakened to the smell of vegetables cooking. I yawned and stretched before my right arm accidentally bumped into someone. I heard a male groan and looked over to see none othe Read More...

  • My Darkness

    Posted Tue at 2:16 AM by gothickween

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    The darkness, A beautiful thing, That surrounds my mind, You are my light, My life, My love, Without you The tears stream down, for my problems come crashing in, But when I’m with you, The world goes scilent, Read More...

  • "Loki....."

    Posted Mon at 2:41 AM by DevilsFood


    That Moment when Your Cat starts acting weird, and He just is nowhere Home anymore, apparently for a few days now. You no longer see His Beautiful Glowing Gold Eyes looking at Nocturnal You from anywhere out there in Read More...

  • Aftermath

    Posted Nov 10 by FenHarel

    2 Comments 3 Likes 17 Views

    Sylvia Brainerd hated sleeping. It hadn’t always been that way, of course. She remembered a time when she looked forward to slipping between her sheets at night and drifting off into peaceful slumber. Now, though, sweet Read More...

  • Melodious Alteration

    Posted Nov 10 by StormyStrider11

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    Has anyone noticed how fully entrancing music can be? I became addicted to music years ago (like 27) and I realize that it has an abnormally strong pull for me. Literally in the course of one song I can go from enrage Read More...

  • 1

    Posted Nov 9 by littlemissdeath

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    I went out with some friends last night. There was a memorial concert for a local kid who passed away earlier this year. He was very popular in the local metal scene. 10 bands played, I knew a couple of them. If it hadn’ Read More...

  • Murders Of The Future

    Posted Nov 8 by denixvames


    The world is dying, People are ignorant, Death is inevitable, Darkness will take over, Politicians eat money, Their voters eat shit, Too late to turn back, Waiting for the end, Watching life slowly decay

  • 'Hypocrisy'

    Posted Nov 7 by Darko

    2 Likes 18 Views

    Too many people act out this fucking pantomime called;  "I am the most morally moral individual of all the moral individuals in the land, give me my crown now." Then proceed to 180 and pick favourites amongst w Read More...

  • A rant.. confusion.. lust

    Posted Nov 7 by Nitidraynedropz


    I can't believe how much time and effort I wasted on J and our toxic relationship.. I'd had chances to leave. To be better and reach higher for the stars and rejected it everytime. I'm disappointed at myself and simultan Read More...

  • A poem split..

    Posted Nov 7 by Nitidraynedropz


    The tiny lips I remember against mine were Magic. Bliss. How can I live a life of Bliss without the beckoning of your sweet addictive breathtaking kiss. A tiny crush so AMPLIFIED and M A G N I T I Z E D. I now fi Read More...