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  • Shit happens, and often.

    Posted 1 hour ago by SickOfTheSun


    Well someone out there clearly has it in for me and likes to plant seeds of doubt and just generally fuck with my life and wellbeing. You are fucking asshole and you have no fucking right. It's real hard to make new Read More...

  • Darkrus Garou

    Posted Jan 16 by DarkrusGarou


    This written by a dear friend and I thank her for this. Darkrus Garou, transforming beneath the moon,Magic of old Gaia,Still present in you,Aeons and lifetimes ago,Is when this elf pixie met you,This one fact we always Read More...

  • I'm Sorry

    Posted Jan 15 by ScalyManfish

    2 Comments 2 Likes 28 Views

    I don't wanna rhyme today,but I had to write this verse,'cause I'll never feel okay,I just keep on feeling worse,I don't wanna feel this way,feels like maybe I've been cursed,I just wanna die today,throw my body in a hea Read More...

  • A "Straight Lesbian" (trigger warning)

    Posted Jan 15 by BabySkulls356

    16 Comments 5 Likes 84 Views

    First things first, I'm not bashing anyone in particular. Secondly, the title of this journal is a joke thay has been thrown at me for years. To understand the big picture of this, you need to know I've been with the Read More...

  • Die Fucking Slut

    Posted Jan 14 by sleepy

    4 Comments 2 Likes 75 Views

    It's kind of crazy how you think each and every time it will be different...   But it's always the same, no matter how high your hopes are it doesn't amount.   Every girl is talking to the guys slipping thr Read More...

  • The Wait (3/22/16)

    Posted Jan 14 by veruschka


    in my skin bated breath held letter poised to paper cut deep I hold it in, I hold it perfectly (barely), a taught piano wire, an ecstasy of potentials threatens to unfurl, a millisecond from dreaded release, Read More...

  • Gritium (4/6/16)

    Posted Jan 14 by veruschka


    a stubborn clinging to old letters yellowed with age, pages creased, tear stains, ink and mascara, blood spots faded, rusted remains of vice and viscera. an ache, a past, ephemeral beauty could not last... a fatal f Read More...

  • Nicotine (12/10/16)

    Posted Jan 14 by veruschka


    Nicotinewithdrawal, perpetualacid rain, alienates. Your rages scare silent, quell the beautiful, wide-eyed wonder of a sleepless toddler. A pizza box slammed, a bag of laundry thrown, clean towels strewn; your vici Read More...

  • I am Her Kind (1/19/17)

    Posted Jan 14 by veruschka


    A short lived victory: I've outlived her by a mere year. Her witching sister made it to 46, swathed in furs and pearls. Beloved Beanpole, cat-mouthed babes, darling extensions of mother lionesses, lofty and ambiti Read More...

  • River of Flame & Tears (2/3/17)

    Posted Jan 14 by veruschka


    I burn in torpor, a puddle of goo; I do not do. The river pursues, churning, burning, Self- efficacy melting amidst the bubble and spew of sulfurous fumes. Self-pity consumes, an acrid acid bath, sliding down the j Read More...