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  • 'Just Keeping Positive'

    Posted Sep 7 by Darko

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    "Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you." ~ Mary Lou Retton Except, it never always is... For the last while I've been doing nothing BUT Read More...

  • if it were to happen

    Posted Sep 6 by VanirWarlord


    when my country was christened and starting to centalize under just one king my family was de-throned and my bloodline stripped of all land and power. should i claim my areas back if the land goes into civil war in a nea Read More...

  • almost

    Posted Sep 6 by VanirWarlord

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    i alomst made one of these cringe lord questionings again but i thought,  no il be mercyful today and spare you all the stupid crap that none cares about.  

  • We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled...

    Posted Sep 5 by rigormotor

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    Where did I leave off with all this? I don't remember. So much stupid shit is going on again. I feel like life sometimes pushes me in the direction I need to go. Even when I don't want to go. Usually it's me kicking and Read More...


    Posted Sep 5 by DevilsFood


    How many countries have you visited? NOT ENOUGH? Flowers or chocolate? IT DEPENDS. The life advice I wish I could give my younger self is..."START SMOKING WEED NOW, BITCH. IT'LL TEACH YOU SOOOOO MUUUUUCH ABOUT LIFE Read More...

  • Sad Day

    Posted Sep 4 by ScalyManfish

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    It's hard to believe,I'm alone in this bed,why did you choose to leave,was it something I said,or did I do you wrong,tell me what have I done,this is where you belong,why did you choose to run,And it's a sad day,feeling Read More...

  • Failed Tricycle Assembly

    Posted Sep 4 by XxangrybirdxX

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    Tried to put this lame $209 tricycle from Amazon together. Got pretty far only to find out they sent me the wrong chain for it so it’s completely useless. KMS.

  • Eulogy (2).

    Posted Sep 4 by pinkmuffin

    4 Likes 33 Views

    When someone dies it's the end.  Their past, their future, all their dreams disappear. Everything that ties them to living is disconected.  However, the people: parents, brothers, friends, lovers, impo Read More...

  • Eulogy.

    Posted Sep 4 by pinkmuffin

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    Spanish (original) below.  Even though it's rough for you You're not better than anyone The world doesn't stop for your pain You lose what you want most, but everything keeps going. On Sunday there will be f Read More...

  • Anxiety upwards.

    Posted Sep 4 by pinkmuffin

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    It was a Saturday. We were climbing a sacred mountain formerly inhabited by an ancient civilization that was almost wiped out. Remembrance. We started to go upwards. The sun was hot. The afternoon was not giving me its g Read More...