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  • The Tunnel Down

    Posted Oct 20 by cinnamongirl999

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    ‚ÄčI hear you say you don't want to go somewhere you've already been You would only know that if you've been there before No choice but to dive in Swallowed by experience Never going back again When tragedy strikes ag Read More...

  • Peter Cusses Out A Literary Agent

    Posted Oct 20 by PersephoneZekk

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    A/N: Extreme anger, women bigotry, making fun of the South The whole family was in a rare mood of hatred and extreme anger. Jamie Parker was the only one halfway civil. He greeted me and warned me about his borderline ps Read More...

  • Errors of Gothwire

    Posted Oct 20 by Alexandrdragon

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    Parts of Gothwire have been broken on my end for 6 months. So I can't really do much here. I can only see notices. Maybe I'll be lucky I can submit this entry. But other than that I can't reply, go to my own page, open a Read More...

  • undead lullaby

    Posted Oct 20 by angelofdeath266

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    Deep in the darkI felt the fire flickerIgnite the flame and give us lifeMy cursed markAnd hollow heart grow sickerOut of the shadow cometh lightBlinding faith, give me sightPraise the sun, day or nightBreak the fog, dark Read More...

  • fight like hell

    Posted Oct 20 by angelofdeath266


    Fight like hell, fight like hell, fight like hell, fight like hellBeware what lies beneath your feetThis hollow ground, where Demons sleepI will uproot these evil seedsAnd use my fists to keep the peaceI told them one da Read More...

  • Goth Musings

    Posted Oct 19 by Gothgrl40

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    I love the Fall. The days get cooler, the leaves turn different colors.There’s a chill in the air when the breeze blow. Halloween, teas, goth outfits,and nights where I can howl at the moon, to express my inner lob Read More...

  • The Devil's Innocence (Short Story)

    Posted Oct 19 by danihalliwell13

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    Bam! I fall to the cold, hard pavement. My hands reach the ground first to try and ease the blow and prevent my head from smacking the concrete. I see my breath in front of my face and use my sore hands to try and lift m Read More...

  • Loneliness

    Posted Oct 18 by denixvames

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    Alone in misery, Stuck in an endless loop, Of piercing agony, Like a broken record player, Scratched and torn, No replacement to end the devastating cold, It freezes my feet, Keeping me from freeing myself, Takin Read More...

  • Where We Go

    Posted Oct 18 by denixvames

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    Rain falls over the graves, A gloomy sky above the world, Dead trees stay stiff, Their branches taking the ashes, Letting the dead take them, Grass never grows, Only dirt and bones, The ghosts suffer by time, An Read More...

  • Slow Inevitability

    Posted Oct 18 by denixvames

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    Darkness is everywhere, A void in my heart, Bumping into black walls, Stepping onto broken glass, Becoming a part of the ground, Withering away into a rotting maggot infested corpse, My bones picked clean by the vu Read More...