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  • Controlling ♀

    Posted Jan 13 by veruschka


    On my way to the gym, I was listening to morning radio and the DJ asks listeners if they think a man is better off with or without a controlling woman.https://media3.giphy.com/media/AGoQGCyK1MQbS/200w.webp?cid=790b761118 Read More...

  • Erroneous

    Posted Jan 12 by Chemrose101

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    Something isn't right It all feels wrong I feel it in my chest; like a dark hole growing As if my emotions are growing dull My thoughts sugmerge into chaos Chaos that I wish that didnt exist But it only exists beca Read More...

  • Just a refugee from VF

    Posted Jan 12 by Fraykus

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    Is this supposed to be the main feed?

  • Song of the sun Klee benally

    Posted Jan 12 by Geinsgirl95


    "Our mother aches Iron claws dig until she breaks And she bleeds for this How much is enough? I remember listening to songs of the sun For all those, who’s breath was stolen Who’s future was taken away Who learned Read More...

  • Fighting Spirit

    Posted Jan 11 by VampireBatKitty25

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    "My emotions flow like a river..." "My heart is a never ending pool of love..." "My hands have the passion to create..." "My eyes burn with desire..." "You can push i with on fall back..." "You can yell i will not Read More...

  • Lepidoptera

    Posted Jan 11 by StormyStrider11

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    I was looking up some things to do with butterflies, and discovered that my so called favorites were actually moths. So I discovered the names of my favorite moths. And found my favorite butterflies as well. I discovere Read More...

  • A New Decade

    Posted Jan 11 by bloodknife


    Welcome to the new year everyone! i hope your holidays were dope as shit. Been feeling real down on myself and anxious lately. really heavy feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Gomez has been helping me a lot, but there’s Read More...

  • Happy News

    Posted Jan 11 by BabySkulls356

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    A couple days ago, I posted a journal about something personally touchy. It was about a sit down with a gal I've known for just under twenty years and used to be the best of friends with. Something had happened, when we Read More...

  • Tired

    Posted Jan 10 by VelvetNight


    My heart exploded in billions of bitsit should be impossible to still be alivesomehow I ambut the pain is ridiculously disgustingI need to goI need to leave this broken shellI'm so tired of the same

  • Come with me to the Dark Side of the Force

    Posted Jan 10 by ZenarithMorningstar

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    Welcome to the Dark Side Hello everyone, have you ever thought about religion, and if so, which religion do you Join?Many have chosen "White Light" Faith Religions, but at Gothwire, that's not always what we're into.If Read More...