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  • The Thousand Lives of Elmer Fudd

    Posted Sep 30 by YeOldeJeffe

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    The late-morning sun beat down upon the hunter’s brow. He wiped the sweat from his eyes as his opponent, a fiery haired, mustachioed, sheriff with a ten-gallon hat, did the same. It was twenty-past-eleven as they stood i Read More...

  • I Hate This Planet

    Posted Sep 29 by PersephoneZekk

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    (Started writing six months ago) I was so pissed when I walked into Peter's house that day. Once again, Godiva was pissed off with the universe and got short with me over the phone as a result. I had my own issues tha Read More...


    Posted Sep 28 by DevilsFood


    1. State your name: LU. 2. State the name that your parents almost named you: DON'T KNOW. 3. Which of your relatives do you get along with the most? SANTA? 4. What was your first job? USHER/DOORMAN AT A MOVIE TH Read More...

  • Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

    Posted Sep 27 by rigormotor

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    I got the work done on the car for free. They totally didn't realize I still had a factory warranty with that car. So yay!! I bought Masterpiece Weirdwolf today. He's gonna be a rare. Well...he sort of already is. $32 Read More...

  • On My Own

    Posted Sep 27 by ScalyManfish

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    It feels like I'm broken,my chest cut wide open,can't breathe, now I'm chokin',and these tears, they keep soakin',for this heart you're revokin',makes me feel like a joke and,I've lost all my hope and,I just feel like I' Read More...

  • When The Levee Breaks pt1

    Posted Sep 26 by rigormotor

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    So for a few days now I've been without a phone. Well that's because I broke the old one. It was dying a very slow death anyway. The touch screen stopped working on it on Saturday. So I claimed it on my insurance. Got a Read More...

  • Enchanted

    Posted Sep 26 by RosilinaPrimi

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    I am enchanted by you .. 

  • Scooby Doo and Cthulhu Too!

    Posted Sep 26 by YeOldeJeffe


    The strain on the ’63 Ford Econoline was heavy as the Mystery Machine lumbered down the winding New England road. “Gee Velma, it sure was swell of your uncle to invite us to his summer-home in Rhode Island this year. It Read More...

  • Woman In The Woods

    Posted Sep 25 by cinnamongirl999

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    Forever the girl in a long white dress with a torn dirty hem, wandering a cold night's forest by moonlight. Searching the constellations for signs of star crossed love, signs of destiny, signs of hope. The forest anima Read More...

  • Bird-Understander

    Posted Sep 25 by starlight

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    Of many reasons I love you here is one the way you write me from the gate at the airport so I can tell you everything will be alright so you can tell me there is a bird trapped in the terminal    & Read More...