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  • Halloween Prom/Blood on the dance floor.

    Posted Jan 4 by CrashdietMetal900


    Hanging out with the creatures of pain,Inside of my head, Wanting everyone, DEADDDDDDDDDDD,,,,Tonight, we are committing sin, do you want to live in sin, Come on the murder spree, I have fucking time, Read More...

  • Random piece

    Posted Jan 4 by CrashdietMetal900


    Together we are the heroes, Together we are the beast, Together we are the disease, We are the war times of peace, They say the good die young, and the bad die fast, Breathe in, lungs filled Read More...

  • Hi guys, I'm new. Still getting use to this place

    Posted Jan 4 by Obsidianraven

    4 Comments 5 Likes 55 Views

    I'm kinda still bewildered by this site. May take me afew years but I will get use to it xD

  • Overwhelming

    Posted Jan 3 by DreamOn

    12 Comments 3 Likes 111 Views

    I had this overwhelming proposal to me today, forget the past be my family. We can live here in London. I'll take care of you. You never have to see your ex-husband again if you agree to marry me. I'm actually speechless Read More...

  • The pale horse (Apocalypse 1/4)

    Posted Jan 3 by TheGothCat

    2 Comments 16 Views

    A poem inspired by music that comes from a place deep and dark inside me. This poem is one of 4 in the collection that represents the four horseman Death, Pestilence, Wrath and Fammen. The idea of the poems was Read More...

  • Empathy is a Damn Superpower

    Posted Jan 3 by BabySkulls356


    "It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for." You know why it's so shocking when some people go? When they can't handle life anymore and end it? Because a lot of them were the ones smiling, laughing, blendin Read More...

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Turkey

    Posted December 31, 2019 by PersephoneZekk


    Co-authored by Joebear Joebear and Albear picked up another 20-pound turkey from a legitimate butcher named Mr. Bentley because Tug was super hungry. That bitch cost $120. Tug tried to eat it raw, but the rest of Read More...

  • If Somebody Offends You.

    Posted December 29, 2019 by Darko

    7 Comments 4 Likes 77 Views

    If somebody offends you... ... Offend them the fuck back. You will never live in a hate-free utopia, and never will one be ever remotely feasible for as long as everyone has Agency. As it is Agency, t Read More...

  • "Ha..."

    Posted December 29, 2019 by DevilsFood


    I used to love watching a pretty good TV Show called "BLIND DATE". Sometimes serious, sometimes informative, sometimes philosophical, sometimes despicable, often funny... One time, a guy and a girl dated and it Read More...

  • Last Kiss, Last Goodbyes

    Posted December 29, 2019 by DragonofOuroboros

    3 Likes 26 Views

    "Last Kiss, Last Goodbyes" Prt. 1 Death A human's worst fear, I no longer feel it anymore. Death is the one near my door,  Waiting for me to answer it I'm no longer alive He said, "No more pain, no more s Read More...