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  • Love poem number 6

    Posted December 6, 2015 by dangertrain8


    obstinate demons and cynical wives postulate breathing and reverent lies a madcap cadaver that stays up and cries your willingness kills you or maybe you truly are born hot wasted blisters they burn on my back as t Read More...

  • Angsty Shit

    Posted December 6, 2015 by dangertrain8


    When did it begin? When did it start have I asked for too much help my words kill like pistons what are YOU afraid of. You can't be afraid of me nothing I can do can defeat you or make you seem afraid I am unique Read More...

  • You Are Gone

    Posted December 6, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    We started out so perfect,I said, "I don't deserve this",you said, "Boy don't be nervous,I never would desert this",but now I'm feeling worthless,don't even think you heard this,'cause you are gone,You were the song I su Read More...

  • You! (Just A Mistake)

    Posted December 5, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I swore to you my love,swore it'd never fade,gave you all I was,then you threw me away,I can't handle all this now,I can't handle this break,so could you tell me how,how'd we get this way,You!should look me in the eye,an Read More...

  • Nothin' But A Troubled Heart

    Posted December 4, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I gave you everything I had,but you wouldn't let me in,I could tell when you were sad,but you hid it with a grin,and I know that you know that,there ain't nothin' I won't give,but you used me like a mat,to the door of th Read More...

  • Open Up My Eyes

    Posted December 4, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I heard that the sun was bright,tried to open up my eyes,so I could look into the light,no surprise, don't wonder why,there's only darkness in my life,I heard that the sun was bright,tried to open up my eyes,so I could l Read More...

  • How Far I've Come

    Posted December 3, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I'm losin' my head, I'm out of my mind,a matter of fact, just a matter of time,I'm at the edge, I'm over the line,too late to react, I'm goin' in blind,I know that I'm wrong, I'm livin' a lie,I can't believe, that this i Read More...

  • Feel Alive (Dead Inside)

    Posted December 2, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    Well I,I need you to understand,that I,I never had this planned,so I,I need you to tell me,what I,I did that made you leave, I've lost you,everything that I need to,feel alive,I don't know,why you have to be so,dead ins Read More...

  • When demons burn down the tower of Babel

    Posted December 1, 2015 by Cryoborg447

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    The death rises higher and higherDirty bodies covering the skyPiled up the corpses Set them on fireThe angels choking on their disgustFirm hands gripping the neckOf one so youngShown now the depravity of defileUnfed scum Read More...

  • Space

    Posted December 1, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    This distance is a long one,this heartache is a strong one,and I feel like I'm the wrong one,'cause I always get left behind,this pain is not a slight one,I try to be the nice one,but I never am the right one,and happine Read More...