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  • My Interpretation of Wheel of Fortune (Hanson-Roberts Deck)

    Posted July 24, 2016 by axurewynters


    X - Wheel of Fortune  There is a sphinx in the center displaying a wheel with a snake on the left and a wolf on the right. Below the wheel and the sphinx, is a bull and a lion that lounges around on the clouds. A Read More...

  • The Powers of Karma

    Posted July 24, 2016 by axurewynters


    The Power of Karma   What's been wronged needs to be justified by the means karma decides. The consequences can be good or bad, but that truth no longer hides. What one puts forth to a situation, as part of th Read More...

  • Wandering For Reasons

    Posted July 24, 2016 by axurewynters


    Wandering For Reasons   Wandering around in a place not of this earth. Racing thoughts lead to some kind of birth. She's not here with the others many times as her mind wanders away from the repitition. She's Read More...

  • As Real As Me

    Posted July 24, 2016 by axurewynters


    As Real As Me   Never did I believe the day would come finding someone as real as me. Such a gentle soul, he is, as open in the heart for me to read, as it's only for me to see. I'll see him soon while the but Read More...

  • Corrupt

    Posted July 24, 2016 by Deadly02

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    Corrupt Sew close my eyes tape up my mouth deafen my ears  But I shall see I shall hear  I will speak the truth  Corruption! It Blackens the heart  Poisions the mind  It covers the eyes Read More...

  • The New Chapter

    Posted July 24, 2016 by axurewynters


    The New Chapter As the fierce storms held a never end to the horrible chapter lasting a decade in a life lived to the one while the debris nearly destroyed her body, spirit, and mind. Crying in grief, and never endin Read More...

  • The Beasts That Kill

    Posted July 21, 2016 by Deadly02

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    Death has declared itself master!  and none can escape, for the punishments of death are unbearable for the mortal soul But as a wrong turn on the path of fate i am here now in an unfamiliar world never like any Read More...

  • When You Look At Me

    Posted July 18, 2016 by ScalyManfish

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    I've been calling your name,out in my dreams,I've been calling your name,but you don't hear me,and when I see your face,I find it hard to speak,and when I see your face,my knees become weak,But I've seen love in your eye Read More...

  • Pride forbidden spike together our failure.

    Posted July 10, 2016 by justvvjosh

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    Seeking revenge. That's what I thought. It's what I breathed. It was my nemisis. It was my creative process. Stereotypical and unworth shrounded my life forever Nothing short... something I found my glory was my Read More...

  • Focus On The Pain

    Posted July 10, 2016 by ScalyManfish


    Another day alone,so full of regret,I wish this heart was stone,wish I could forget,the memory remains,sorrow and despair,I cannot break these chains,I know you don't care,Take me far away,I feel so dead inside,I focus o Read More...