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  • This One

    Posted November 30, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    Everything is wrong when I wake,everyone is gone and I can't stand,everything I loved turned out fake,everyone I need won't lend a hand,nothing here is right, I swear it's wrong,no one's left to help me out,nothing here Read More...

  • Memory

    Posted November 29, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I know it's hard, I've lived through this,you can't discard, the things you miss,a broken shard, I reminisce,of my heart, it's all that's left,so when it burns, deep inside,the lessons learned, the tears you've cried,the Read More...

  • I Close My Eyes

    Posted November 28, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    Just turn your back and walk away,then come back and say you'll stay,I don't care, it's all the same to me,you show your face, then you hide,the truth erased, there's only lies,I don't know why I even try to be,the man y Read More...

  • Bigger Than These Bones

    Posted November 28, 2015 by hella


    I'll look up at the stars hanging in some grand suspension out in space, and it makes me feel my container. I am bigger than this small shell of a form that holds me in. It isnt' a prison but a conciousness, connected wi Read More...

  • Flaws (Never Wanted You)

    Posted November 27, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    Is there something wrong with me,is it something that I said,that you don't want to be,the thoughts inside my head,is there something wrong with me,is it something that I did,that you don't want to be,the one that I'm am Read More...

  • Match

    Posted November 27, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    If it's over,it's over,it's over again and I,can't go on,and on,and on in this life,With a bottle in my left hand,a match in my right,I'm gonna drown my sorrows,and then I'll spark a light,and let it burn away,all this p Read More...

  • Man that Nobody Knows

    Posted November 26, 2015 by Cryoborg447

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    I feel like I’m fading into nothingEvery inch of me disappearing As I blow out the candleAm I losing my life more Or am I just dying? This little flicker of fireBeing put out by your liesI felt nothing but coldnes Read More...

  • Moonlight

    Posted November 26, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    Well I was just a guy, wondering around in life,the regular type, always nice,never harm a soul, never doing wrong,now it's hard to control, an urge so strong,I was bit in the night, never saw the beast,now this ain't ri Read More...

  • Just Let Me Go (The Writing's On The Wall)

    Posted November 25, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    You are the light of my life,you make everything right,you stop me when I bleed,the only one I need,my love,but this just isn't right,the way I bring you down tonight,I'm not everything you need,you need to be free,of my Read More...

  • Damage of living in the past

    Posted November 24, 2015 by AmaraSky

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    If you don't leave your past in the past, than you will destroy your future. Live for what today offers you, not for yesterday has taken away.