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  • "The Last Time....."

    Posted Sep 19 by DevilsFood


    The Last {thing}... you drank: PEACE TEA... you ate: VEGGIE SANDWICHES. YUM... you touched: TV REMOTE... you smelled: RAIN. I WAS JUST OUTSIDE. LOOKS LIKE AN INCOMING STORM... song you heard: DURAN DURAN'S "MEDA Read More...

  • Mom

    Posted Sep 19 by cinnamongirl999

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    Alone. I need to be alone. Guilt has tripped me for years but I don't care anymore. That which has crushed me the hardest, has guilted me the longest,Left me the loneliest, and annoyed me beyond all repair... You, my Read More...

  • Faithful

    Posted Sep 19 by FenHarel

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    The Andromeda Club should be intimidating to a man like Reggie. No place for a working man, with dirty fingernails and calloused hands. But he’d been looking after this place for thirty years, so despite the plush furnis Read More...

  • Return to the Depths

    Posted Sep 18 by cinnamongirl999

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    Swallowed up in the dream of light Wet, wearing white Look through me Translucent body and mind Gentle as a feather No resistance to the rain Illuminating the earthen plain   Read More...

  • Goodbye

    Posted Sep 17 by ScalyManfish

    4 Likes 60 Views

    I've fought and I've clawed,and I've tried for so long,but I'm just way too flawed,I was never that strong,so I'm losing all hope,getting hard to survive,there's no way I can cope,don't want to be alive,So goodbye, I'm g Read More...

  • What am I?! A Fucking Lumberjack?!

    Posted Sep 17 by PersephoneZekk

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    Peter was already frazzled because he had to work today. He was wearing a white T-shirt with tight blue jeans. As usual, I was laughing at his plight. He was stomping around in leather lumberjack boots because Ted the Al Read More...

  • Why Are You Putting My Good Hand Towel In The Toilet? (Peter PO

    Posted Sep 16 by PersephoneZekk

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    Why Are You Putting My Hand Towel in the Toilet?! (Peter POV) I walked into the bathroom because as usual, I had to pee. I probably had to poop, too, but I wasn't sure. My bowels and I have a strained relationship. Bu Read More...

  • Peter Destroys His Computer

    Posted Sep 15 by PersephoneZekk


    Peter Destroys His Computer A/N: Long story TL;DR: Joebear and I laugh at Peter who is extremely technologically-challenged. Peter has yet another mental breakdown and destroys his computer in his front yard. As I Read More...

  • Find The Shoe (Clean Version)

    Posted Sep 14 by PersephoneZekk


    I woke up as usual. It was around 11:15 a.m., and my usual routine was to turn my phone on and listen to crazy rock music while having my first cup of coffee. I really felt like dog droppings that morning. As I was tu Read More...

  • Short story.

    Posted Sep 14 by DreamOn

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    Take a breath never rest Give to me take away Your tempestuous grace Find in me avert your gaze It’s right there hidden deep My covetous inclinations Show me now I don’t want to know What it is and will never Read More...