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  • "Well, While I May Not Celebrate It..."

    Posted December 25, 2019 by DevilsFood


    ...I do sincerely Wish All A Great New Year Always... Aye..... XD (bows)

  • My Holiday Abomination

    Posted December 24, 2019 by BabySkulls356

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    Little known fact, I grew up listening to a LOT of country. Crazy, right? So, I'm not sure how much time you've ever endured listening to country but I'm working on doing a spoof/parody cover. Dunno how I'm going to ac Read More...

  • Change Is Possible

    Posted December 22, 2019 by cinnamongirl999

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    Writing this with a mind that's been blown into the unknown. The fast track wake up calls of this year have turned me into a different person forever. Far from lingering on the pain of my breakup over the summer, I can f Read More...

  • Let's Get The Fuck Out of Here, part 1

    Posted December 21, 2019 by PersephoneZekk


    Sequel to "I Hate This Planet" The building of the space ship took longer than we thought it would. Jasper had to order many parts of the ship from obscure eastern European countries and get security clearance from NA Read More...

  • New here, say hi!

    Posted December 21, 2019 by MrGrim

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    New anyone want to chat?

  • Waking up Every morning.

    Posted December 20, 2019 by CrashdietMetal900


    Waking every morning, knowing another one mourning, Trying to save my time, feeling like committing a crime, Getting told to hold back, my emotions just keep getting more black, Feeling like this, No escapes in Read More...

  • Getting over it

    Posted December 20, 2019 by littlemissdeath

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    I fell in love with him quicker that I thought I would. I knew from early on that I wanted to be with him, but he had a past and was reluctant start a relationship with me. I have a past too. A past full of abuse, lies, Read More...

  • Journal Transfer from VF : "Why I Offer To Listen"

    Posted December 20, 2019 by BabySkulls356


    Originally posted January 31st, 2019 _________________________________ For the most part, there is a help group or support line for anything and everything nowadays. I remember when my Instagram turned into me playi Read More...

  • Journal Transfer from VF : "Muted with Age"

    Posted December 20, 2019 by BabySkulls356


    Originally posted September 17th, 2019 ____________________________________ The older I've gotten, the more quiet I have become around people. At first, I don't think I even really noticed. My personality hadn't Read More...

  • Custom Profiles

    Posted December 19, 2019 by BabySkulls356

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    I've seen this with a few profiles, thus far, so I have to ask. Can you do custom profile codes on here? If so, what format is used and does anyone have a template or guide formatted to this site? I'd really like to Read More...