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  • Virus thing

    Posted July 13, 2015 by Cryoborg447


    This pain, this hateLike a slow dying cigaretteThese thoughts that I let swell up in meFucking my mind every single momentA Virtual rape of my sanityI for long have cried as loud as I couldBut my unrequinted screams cold Read More...

  • Darkness has taken over

    Posted July 12, 2015 by GrimmReaper

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    One must find his own path. He must also find the key to himself by venturing the darkest places known to man, by doing so he will face challenges but although it may seem all is lost you must learn to find beauty in pla Read More...

  • Black Ivory Keys

    Posted July 3, 2015 by Cryoborg447

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    A musical touch Spiritual toneWhat touches the keys Ghostly fingers moving on boneEthereal chords ranging in echoesLike a choir of spirits that sing aloneThus is what is played on this dusty old pianoMagick mad Read More...

  • Frozen memories

    Posted July 3, 2015 by bloodharlet

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    A really old writing i did about in 2007. Enjoy As i sit in my kitchen table thinking of what i may cook for dinner i remember i have a few things in the freezer that makes my mouth watery i unfreeze my dinner Read More...

  • Gretyl (German version)

    Posted June 28, 2015 by Cryoborg447


    Wie Sie zum Verlassen der Staubtötet die Hexe, hinterlassen keine Spurenbrennen die Hündinschneiden Sie das Gesicht wie sie zu hassen, die Kinder, schlucken die Süßigkeiten der Menschenum sie Schaum Read More...

  • Gretyl

    Posted June 28, 2015 by Cryoborg447

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    Like you to leave the dustKill the witch, leave no traceburn the bitchCut the face Like you to hate the childrenThat swallow the candy of the manTo watch them foam at the mouth Rabies infested maggots Ch: Gretyl you bu Read More...

  • Pull the switch

    Posted June 25, 2015 by cimmerian


    Just f****** pull the switch To be killed by dark hollows!

  • Add me as a friend I'm new here

    Posted June 25, 2015 by KittenMeowz


    Hai I'm new here Add me as a friend My name is KittenMeowz EMO girl  Supports gay couples Loves gothic emo and scene people   Hates Drama queens, rude people and ex boyfriends I'm already in a realtions Read More...

  • Precautious Measures For Basal Cell Carcinoma

    Posted June 15, 2015 by makeupideas


      Basal cell carcinoma may be the most frequently seen skin cancer among people in the world nowadays. Even though in most cases basal cell carcinoma occur in adults that are over 40 years old, it ca Read More...

  • Things About Michael Jackson’s Skin Disease---Vitiligo

    Posted June 15, 2015 by makeupideas


    If people look back on the history book concerning the field of pop music, Micheal Jackson’s music career is undoubtedly an extremely glory page that no one could ever possibly skim or overlook. With his creative m Read More...