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  • Burden

    Posted December 28, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    You're like a burn,on my skin,can't take this hurt,I'm giving in,you're just a burden,in my mind,you're why I'm hurtin',all the time,Like a two edged sword,you cut me deep,you stole my heart,and made me bleed,like a two Read More...

  • Dream Another Lie

    Posted December 27, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    There is a light on the other side,but no one cares if you're dead or alive,you must find hope inside yourself,or you will not escape this hell,it's a sad situation,it's a mad culmination,of evil damnation,no more frustr Read More...

  • Survive This Fall

    Posted December 26, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    It's over, last chance to say goodbye,I'm done with all of your lies,it's over, now I am moving on,by the time you get this I'll be gone,that's just the way it has to be,I'm done with you, hope you're done with me,'cause Read More...

  • The Christmas Kaleidoscope

    Posted December 26, 2015 by MVM19


    THE BLACK KALEIDOSCOPE BY MICHAEL VAN MARTER   The dark, ominous sky loomed overhead as 9-year old Samuel Killian raced home that evening in the heart of an unusually cold December. His tiny, childish legs carrie Read More...

  • Wasn't Ready For Goodbye

    Posted December 25, 2015 by ScalyManfish

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    Hiding your expression,while I'm giving my confession,that I'm in love,but you don't give a f***,and now it's over,and you've moved on,I'm all alone here,and you are gone,I wasn't ready for goodbye,I can't handle this li Read More...

  • Just A Regret

    Posted December 24, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    Please, tell me,I'm more than just a regret,please, believe,you're somethin' I can't forget,no, I can't,get past this pain I'm livin',know, I wanna know that,that I am forgiven,Am I just a regret,somethin' you'll soon fo Read More...

  • Clutch

    Posted December 23, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    Open my eyes,see it all unfold,now I'm done,the story's told,and I,don't think I can survive,I can't escape it,it's just too much,you got your grip,I'm caught in your clutch,now I,now I'm stuck,I can't escape it,it's jus Read More...

  • Contradiction

    Posted December 23, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I find I'm talking to strangers,when I talk to myself,and even though I'm in danger,I won't call out for help,I won't give in to this anger,but I'm screaming inside,I've got no room for a hangar,but I'm wanting to fly,Li Read More...

  • Leave

    Posted December 22, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    I'm feeling worthless,every time I breathe,I don't deserve this,why'd you have to leave,I still feel nervous,when you're next to me,I know I've heard this,you said you'd never leave,There was a time when I believed,in ev Read More...

  • Make A Wish

    Posted December 21, 2015 by ScalyManfish


    Another day out on the ocean,another night lost at sea,if I relived every notion,you still wouldn't be with me,so I throw my last penny in the well,close my eyes and make a wish,but you know it's getting hard to tell,all Read More...