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  • Ted the Alligator Trolls Peter (clean version)

    Posted Sep 13 by PersephoneZekk

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    Ted the Alligator Trolls Peter (clean version) Peter, my 7'4" curly-haired and green-eyed client, was going to do some yardwork, but as he stepped into the back yard, an alligator greeted him with a growl. Peter sc Read More...


    Posted Sep 12 by DevilsFood


    26. Grossest injury you've ever seen? "TrulyMost, For Yea, Hath I Seen O So Many GrievouslyBadInjuries By Now, Seem'st Hard T' Isolate OneVeryThing Currently, Aye." 27. The worst injury you've ever had? "Heh...B Read More...

  • Sum of Parts

    Posted Sep 12 by BlitzIvory


    Sum of Parts Your joy ain't free. Nothing can be, even that which is within. Your alms and sins have value.   In the shadow of the bricks, piled by the road to Hell for paving: there go I.   Under bl Read More...

  • Explosive Conclusion

    Posted Sep 10 by Noxious

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    10....9....8That infernal tickingslowly driving fearsto bubble upa mind left to wonder aimlesslyquestioning all possible outcomes7....6....5As the hand of clock spin rapidlya shroud encases herstealing the oxygenfueling Read More...

  • Damaged Creation

    Posted Sep 10 by Noxious


    *Take a deep breath*Time to initiatea sense of falsified natureSo one may work onrewriting ones true form.Breaking away the piecesthat once made the puzzleone of a kind.*Take a deep breath*The reflection tells all,good.. Read More...

  • Mechanical Nightmare

    Posted Sep 10 by Noxious


    Sweet silver drags comfortacross the fleshwhen words can't touchthe vibrancy of painscreaming outbegging for someone to listenThe blazing sting dancingdown the throattrying to drown the lifeof the crying demonsdemanding Read More...

  • Scattered Embers

    Posted Sep 10 by Noxious

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    a fighting chancelaced with a bittersweet penaltyas a fire begins to roar againwhat must be sacrificed to protect the blaze?Tense situationstwisted around your silver tonguePromises that grant hopestolen with the never e Read More...

  • the lyrics

    Posted Sep 8 by VanirWarlord

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    the lyrics for the strange song i just posted   Nordman - The Fate Was My Way And I have lived my life like fate controlled meI was a wind that passed byAnd I have carried so many liesI only refused to be free I Read More...


    Posted Sep 8 by DevilsFood


    1.You and Jesus go out to dinner - who pays? "Jesus? Beist Who This Jesus Speaketh Ye Of?!?" 2. You suddenly have to flee the country and adopt an alias what is it? "Mine Alias Mightest Beist 'Pussy Galore', Fo Read More...

  • 'Who I Look For'.

    Posted Sep 8 by Darko

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    So, being the typical internet D00D that I am, I'm on a few other backwater social media sites. And course, I show off my ropework there too (The site isn't Fetlife, although I am on that site too), and it gets me some a Read More...